Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 18: Excellent. It's Friday!

         Well, today was day 1 of 2 of Liz being in Illinois. It's so boring when you don't have anyone to talk to! Anyways, I Yarbus'ed for like 3 hours this morning before lunch. It was brutal. I did get 3 videos made which is pretty satisfying. I left at 11:30 to go to the weekly grill/cook-out session. It was a well needed break! I stayed there until like 1:30 :x, but we had lots of fun GNOME BOWLING!
It's a master-piece.

What a pro. Also those are the GNOMES ^!
         I came back and got a nice surprise visit from the head of the MVRL department (lab?) He seemed nice, but Jeff asked me to explain to him everything that was going on in the lab. I usually do well when I'm speaking to random people about things that I have little or no knowledge about, but Jeff caught me completely off guard. So I probably sounded like a complete idiot! I then proceeded to Yarbus once again. However, this time the rendering of the completed movie was going to take like an hour. So I started adding some fun facts to our end of the summer powerpoint. But then I got bored so I went to visit Halle's lab where there was basically a partyy! I stayed there until my movie finished rendering and now I can't bring myself to Yarbus anymore today... I might just read the new paper for tuesdays lab meeting, UGH. Oh and Yarbus, our pet dinosaur from the Christmas Tree Shop died today. 
Notice how he's all deflated?...I blame the boys in our lab.

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