Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 11: Making some progress

         This morning we went to visit Alex's lab up at remote sensing. He seems to be building some kind of computer which is really impressive! Of course, our work down in the MVR Lab is much more impressive ;) We started the day with Liz re-writing her blog because her computer deleted it all and didn't make a draft. I on the other hand, continued to make our movie on iMovie and we actually finished it today which was really exciting!
         Afterwards, we went down to the fishbowl to get some free food and watch a movie on entrepreneurship. This week's video was actually quite interesting. Then Kelsey, Liz, Elaine, and I all took a little adventure/ walk in the sweltering heat around RIT because the building is always so coooold. We like to cherish the heat when Rochester gets it!
         When Liz and I got back to the lab Jeff planted the idea in our head to go and try to burn some more paper with this very large and therefore more powerful lens he gave us! We were outside again for about 20 minutes and decided to quit because we were having absolutely no luck with getting that piece of paper to burn. We decided to get a head start on our powerpoint because on the last day of our internship when we have to present, it is necessary to have some sort of visual for the audience. Logically, we chose to do a powerpoint to display our findings. Then we continued doing work for our final advertising project. In order to test the lab rats on the video given to them, Liz and I created a survey/ quiz for them to take. Once again I cannot elaborate too much because we don't want anyone who is a potential lab rat to know anything crucial about our experiment!

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