Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 14: Field Trip (numero uno)

        Today before all the interns and some undergrads went on a field trip to Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) Liz and I brainstormed some things to talk about tomorrow at our weekly lab meeting. This wasn't a very productive time because we were anticipating our vey first field trip! When it was 10:10 Liz and I went down to the lobby-ish area and met up with everyone.
        Bob and Joe got us a party bus and we'll have the same one every field trip (thats something to look forward too!)
this is our beautiful party bus. Jealous? You should be :)
The field trip was quite interesting and I definitely learned a lot. As a visiting present all of us got these AWESOME pens!. They're the kind that have all the necessary colors in just one pen! Amazing right? I know. Bob and Joe treated everyone to Pizza Hut for lunch and although it was disgusting I still ate :) But, seriously Pizza Hut's food is always dripping in grease. Yummmm...jk
       Well, when we got back to the lab, we printed out our surveys and we felt really productive. It went downhill after that. Glenn told us how to play angry birds online so we did that for a while. Then we basically had a jam session before and after Karen taught us how to use a new feature of Yarbus(fuuun). We analyzed Jeff's driving video and criticized his driving as well :) Though truthfully, he is an excellent driver. Currently I'm listening to Taylor Swift while writing this blog because I have nothing else to do. Hopefully tomorrow we can start our experiment! Wooo
These are addicting little cookies. I resisted. Liz couldn't.
What makes them even better than normal teddy grahams
is that they are MINIS. They are literally adorable. How could you eat one?

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