Friday, July 22, 2011

Day12: Almost friday!

        The morning started off really well! Bob surprised all the interns with donuts and needless to say they disappeared immediately! Before lunch we were really quite productive. We completed our after survey which felt pretty good. We spent the rest of the time before lunch trying to figure a question to answer for our experiment. We did the scientific method out of order again (haha), but we are hitting all the components it calls for.
        After lunch we had to help clear out the room for a photo-shoot for this dermatology magazine (i think). Liz and I got to model a little which at first was funny, but then got slightly annoying. While the photo-shoot was going on, Liz and I got a head start on the end of the summer power point because once the driving data comes in we may not have enough time to do both.
        Since our pay cycle runs friday to thursday I had to make sure I finished my 40 hours today. I finished it at 4:26ish but then my mom couldn't come get me until really late because she got pulled into a meeting. I ended up getting a ride with Evelyn, because she's such an angel ;) Anyways today actually went by pretty quickly! However, I'm really glad tomorrow is friday. It's been a long weeeek.

We figured this would be a good idea because no one ever knows where Jeff is and everyone always need to see him. He's an important man :)

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