Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 4: The spill...and other things

        Nothing too eventful happened today. Oh wait, just kidding! I spilled my entire 500 mL water bottle all over the contents of my purse. It was great. I spent a solid hour drying everything out because my cell phone decided that it wanted to break. Of course, I made sure it didn't because my parents refuse to buy me a new one until I go to college. The spill was probably the most stressful part of my day, seriously.
        All the interns went down to global village to eat lunch together again and I had a peanut butter and nutella sandwich (yum!) Personally, I feel like we should choose a closer eating location because when it's 90 degrees out walking all the way down there is a pain in the neck! 
        In the lab, Liz and I continued our experiment with tracking eye movement while lab rats (Mike, Kurt, and Karen!) completed the word search in 5 minutes. All day we basically had people do word searches and then took their videos, compiled them together in Yarbus, and made a movie. We have yet to figure out what exactly our question is, but we'll think of it eventually-as in tomorrow.

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