Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 15: Lab bonding (ish?)

         So we spent about half the morning trying to figure out what to do (haha). We settled on re-learning how to use the SMI machine because we are going to need know how to use it for our experiment. It took another 15 minutes to transfer our video to our USB because it's so long. When it was finally done we went over to the kids lab and did the SMI stuff! Then we ran Kurt as our first practice lab rat because he isn't in the real experiment. He was actually quite entertaining to watch because he's such a complainer.    
         At 12:15 Kurt drove Nadya, Jon, Liz, and I to the King and I because that's where we were having free lunch while discussing the Carlson Center for Imaging Science's Person Ethics and Professional Integrity code. It was a fun trip.
         When we got back at 2:00 all of us went to the lab meeting where Jeff decided to have us, the interns, summarize what the obnoxiously long chapter was about. We each said about 5 words because thats all we comprehended from the chapter. I left at 4:30ish because I had class at night :(

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