Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10: Doing some work

         We (the interns) had breakfast this morning and I brought in some blueberry muffins. I thought most of them were burned and therefore warned everyone that they may not taste good! To my delight, everyone seemed to enjoy them (although they could've just been eating them to be nice :)!)
         Liz and I got right to work. While she continued making survey's for our project, I read another article Andy told us to read. It was quite informative and could really help make our project more sophisticated. Afterwards the both of us continued to make surveys and once we were done with that, we planned out what we were gonna do for the rest of the day.
         In the afternoon Liz and I learned how to use iMovie from a YouTube video. I know how to use moviemaker, but iMovie apparently is completely different! After our little lesson in iMovie, we had to look for an episode of the Big Bang Theory on YouTube. Much to our disappointment, there were no full episodes on YouTube. We ended up using an episode of Jeopardy! While the episode downloaded, the entire lab had its first weekly lab meeting in the fishbowl. We discussed an article Karen told all of us to read and everyone in the lab went around and told everyone else what their different projects were. The meeting went from 2 to about 3:30! When we got back the entire episode was loaded. What went on after that is top secret because if any of the interns were to know what we did after loading the episode we wouldn't be able to use them as lab rats!

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