Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Day!

        The first day went pretty well. I mean I got to the very first staff meeting 2 minutes late so that was slightly embarrassing, but otherwise the day was fun. Joe and Bob sent us on a grueling campus wide scavenger hunt and being the genius I am, wore jeans and a cardigan when it was like 80 degrees outside. Needless to say I got hot in about 5 minutes! I did however learn a lot about the campus and can now navigate to just about anywhere. My group didn't win, but I will find a way to get one of those imaging science t-shirts. You can always use an extra shirt! 
        Meeting Jeff and Karen was interesting again! They seem like really fun people and I'm eager to start working with them. I'm most excited to start my own project because I have so many ideas running (haha one of my ideas is running) through my mind. I suppose I still have time to choose a topic, but I just want to get started! Karen and Jeff showed Liz and I exactly how to use the eye tracking camera and also how to use the program Yarbus to compile all the videos and audios we took while Jeff was wearing the camera. The program was slightly overwhelming because there are so many different things you need to remember, but Jeff assured us we would be getting lots of practice! Liz and I also met the other people in the lab who seemed a little grumpy, but Karen said that's only because they've been analyzing the California data and doing the same thing over and over again for a while. 
        Ok, well I'll be writing in this blog every day recounting my exciting experiences in the MVRL! Bye...for now!

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