Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 16: Finally!

       Pretty much all day today Liz and I ran our experiment. We were really excited at first. But, then we realized that we had to sit in the kids lab for each 30 to 40 minute subject. It got boring and tedious really quickly. Don't get me wrong though! Liz and I were actually super excited, at first. Luckily, we had multiple visitors throughout the day :)
Hey kids!
        We got free lunch again today (win!) because most of the interns decided to go to the entrepreneur movie/presentation session. I think I'm going to make this a weekly deal. It's pretty sweet. The presentation was surprisingly helpful. Last week and the week before were pretty bad, but we endured them for the food. But, today's gave Liz and I some helpful tips on how to make our final presentation powerpoint excellent. 
         About an hour after getting back to the kids lab some lady told us that she needed the room. We said ok, but she could've been nicer in telling us to leave. We didn't know you had to reserve the room or that there was a calendar!
         Anyways, Liz left at 5 and I had to stay until 6:15ish :( I found stuff to do though. I read all of Hari's iViewX manual on the Wiki because Jeff told us to comment on it. I think he did a great job! Though I was having loads of fun being in the lab all alone that late, I was ecstatic to leave!

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