Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 6: Boot Camp Day 1

        Today was really over-whelming. Lots of information was being thrown at me and it was slightly hard to comprehend. From 9am- 12pm Jeff was explaining everything from parts of the eye to the sampling and alias theory. Luckily, after the 3 hour session Glen, Mike, and Karen explained everything in simple words for Liz and I! We also went on this fantastic tangent where I got to use a lens to burn paper!
      At the end of the day we called a bunch of lasik eye surgery locations to research a question that the people in boot camp assigned us. The question was to determine how deep into the cornea surgeons cut. Of the 5 locations we called no one could give us a straight answer as to how deep they cut (thats slightly concerning! haha) We're guessing that they just don't want to give out the measurements.

Uni: The result of using a very powerful lens to burn paper (with Jeffs  help of course!)

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