Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 37: Presentation Day!!

         All the presentations went so well today. Im so proud of everyone! We gave Bob, Joe, and Bethany their presents and they loved them :) This was such an amazing experience and i'm so sad it's all over. I will definitely keep in touch with all of these kids. Jeff and Karen were so helpful all summer and I thank them. Also, all the guys in the lab were so fun all the time! I'm also really glad I met Liz becasue she is such a brilliant and lovely person. Well, this is my last post. Goodbye!

Day 36: Last real day :(

        This morning it was just me in the lab. I ran through the powerpoint 2 times to make sure I knew it all! Then I went down to Ed's lab and helped create a photoshopped picture of all the interns! It was so funny, but it turned out really well. Then at 11:30 all the interns went down to the fishbowl to eat some pizza for the last time together :( We had some quality bonding time with Joe, Bob, and Bethany. Then at 12 all the interns went down to the auditorium for a practice run. The sound wasn't working so that was kind of annoying because our powerpoint had sound. After we had our practice run everyone left :(

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 35: Practice makes perrrrfect :)

         Liz and I spent all day tweaking our power point to satisfy Karen and Andy. Then at 1 Liz and I presented our power point to the lab in the auditorium. It went really well. Im really excited about it. Yayyy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 34: Cramming/ Freaking out

          Liz and I once again spent all day working on our powerpoint, rehearing, and freaking out. We want it to be perfect :) It seems like we didn't do anything from that one sentence summing up our entire day, but we did! Trust me! Oh, we also soldered for and hour-ish. Yes, I know. We're still soldering.

Day 33: Back again?

          So I was supposed to be gone Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but then we got back at 11am today so I decided to come in to work because Liz seemed stressed. When I got in she said that Jeff, Karen, and Andy had basically made her change the entire powerpoint. It sucked because our powerpoint was so good, but the changes they made changed our powerpoint for the better I suppose. Anyways while I was gone Liz made 3 graphs for our powerpoint and they were beautiful :) Kudos Liz <3

Day 31 & Day 32: Vacation YES!

          I'm in Fair Haven, New York camping with my friends :)!!

Day 30: Work, work, work!

          Ok, so this is my last day here before I go on vacation for 3 days. I should be back Monday. Today Liz and I wanted to get as much work done as possible so that when I leave maybe she can just continue working on our powerpoint. We spent all day working on our presentation. We skipped a FREE lab lunch to do work. weird right? I know. It was depressing, but we needed to do work! While the entire lab was out to lunch Liz and I recorded videos for our powerpoint that demonstrated how to calibrate on Yarbus and how to put on the mobile eye trackers. Then we went to the lab meeting where we spent time talking about that awfully long chapter. When we got back Jeff informed us that he wanted us to present our powerpoint for him and Karen at 5:00! So we got back quickly to the lab and buckled down to finish what we could of our powerpoint. The presentation was kind of scary! But when we finished I was so happy because I was finally on vacation!