Friday, July 8, 2011

Second Day!

        The morning began with me writing a blog because Liz and I couldn't find either Karen or Jeff. When we didn't show up for an hour people apparently went searching for us! Whoops. Well, after that Liz and I with lots of help from Karen decided to conduct an experiment where we would track people's eye movement while they read/analyzed different texts and images. I was going to be the first person to go, but then Jeff asked me to come model for a dermatology magazine! It was an interesting experience. All I basically had to do was stand behind a dermatologist, look at a screen, and pretend I knew what I was looking at! After that was over I went back to the experiment. Liz had the eye tracker on (which is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable) and I had her read some posters for comprehension, analyze some images, and try to read text that was on a colored background. When she was done it was my turn. I did all the same texts as her. When we were done taking the video of our right eye, our job was to upload them to the computer and use Yarbus to calibrate and look for differences between my eye movement and Liz's while we read. Because we are still learning how to use the program, the calibration for both of us took quite a while. Hopefully we'll get the hang of it soon! Anyways, we concluded that both Liz and I read similarly however, Liz tends to re-read passages every time she reads, while I only re-read when I'm under the pressure of comprehension. Additionally, we learned that the eye when reading makes patterned movements and when looking at images makes quick movements to what we deem the most important parts of the picture.
        For the second part of the day Liz and I analyzed the eye video we took of Jeff on wednesday. We compared the accuracy of three types of calibration techniques. Our conclusion was that the head tick and 5 point calibration is slightly more accurate than the head move. We then took pictures of the three types of calibrations and posted our very first wiki! You should obviously go check out the masterpiece! :) 

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