Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 29: We are just so productive!

          In the morning Liz and I unwillingly cracked open the chapter of reading Thomas gave us for the Lab meeting. I for one think this was the most grueling of all the readings yet. I actually quite enjoyed last weeks reading about magic! However, this week we once again had to read about driving...This time though we weren't learning about angles and turning, but rather steering and urban driving. Explaining the chapter that way doesn't quite express how long the chapter was. The steering section had about 10-13 sub-sections that were each about a page and a half long. The urban driving section didn't have quite as many, but mind you there were still a lot! Afterwards Liz and I went back into the lab because Bethany told us she would be bringing a potential student by soon and that we should give her a little spiel as to what we're doing in the lab. Just as she came in though Carmen told me she needed me to participate in her experiment. So I had to go and leave Liz all alone to speak to the girl :X She doesn't like speaking to people alone. I felt kind of bad.          
           At noon Bethany took all the interns and the girl out to lunch for freeeee! That is at least for us! The Imaging Science Department paid as usual :) When we got back, Liz and I did some solid work on our powerpoint. Since I'm not going to be here Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we want to get everything important done before I leave. Then when I'm gone Liz can touch up our powerpoint because she loves working with it and relax a little! As we were working on our powerpoint we noticed that none of our pictures were cited. I asked Joe if it was necessary to cite all of our pictures since we were using them as backgrounds and he said yes. So when Liz left I spent about and hour and a half searching for all of our pictures and citing them. One our our slides is about motivation so we have a picture of a man running. However when I typed "motivational man running" into google it showed me this:
I could not stop laughing. If there was a hippo chasing me,
I wouldn't be running, I'd be SPRINTING!
I found all the pictures except one. When I got bored of doing that I read some more of the article we didn't finish in the morning. I stayed here until 8pm and might I add, it was just too late!

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