Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 23: Field Trip! (numero dos)

         This morning Liz and I sort of just sat around because we didn't have access to the SMI and Karen wasn't here yet with the dongle. When she did get here, she informed us that the dongle was with Hari and he was missing in action! We waited around until 11:15 because thats when we were leaving for our field trip to Xerox. Our first stop however, was free lunch! It was a sub place called Amiel's. It was pretty good :) 
         Though we had another party bus, my experience at Xerox was much different from the one I had at the RPO. At the RPO we were toured around the factory part and didn't get to hear much about the research that goes on. Xerox on the other hand spent most of the time (about 1.5 hours) we were there visiting talking about the innovative and exciting research they were doing with imaging technology. I was thoroughly impressed with the type of ideas they were engineering. Of all the ideas they presented to us, my favorite was the non-invasive medical video which measured how well a person was breathing. This is very important for babies with fragile skin who don't do well when they are poked and prodded! After multiple presentations from some scientists and engineers at Xerox, we were escorted to another building to see the factory part of the company. This was also quite interesting because we learned about a printer that can print 600 pages every few seconds and costs $600,000! By the time it was time to go we were all ready for a nap.
except of course these two crazy kids

         When we got back Liz and I unfortunately found out that Karen had sent out another reading for Tuesday's lab meeting. This one is sooo long! I've been reading it and it's ruining all magic tricks for me :(

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