Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 27: Field Trip! (numero tres)

          This morning we had our field trip to Melles Griot. It was slightly boring because on the tour there was not enough room for everyone to be able to see everything properly. It was also really hard to hear the guide because the factory had this constant buzz and our guide wasn't the loudest of people. However, this field trip differed from the other factory tours because Melles Griot doesn't mass produce lens's. The only make one is there is a demand. The process to make one of their powerful, high quality lens's seems much more intensive than all the other companies. After the tour Bob and Joe took all of us to Peligrinos (a sub shop) for lunch. Elaine and I split a salad and a buffalo chicken sub. That sub was delicious. I want another one :)
          When Liz an I got back we soldered for  quite a long time because we wanted to finish. Sadly however, we didn't :( We're going to finish tomorrow (which if you check the date on this blog is actually today! hehe)

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