Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 22: (:

         Today was actually quite fun. In the morning Liz and I tried once again to get BeGaze working, but unfortunately couldn't successfully do it. We got annoyed so we asked Dennis to teach us some java! I have a test today which is the main reason I wanted to do java, but I also want to write a program for Liz and I to use to help analyze our data from the experiment. At 11:30 Liz and I went down to the front of the building to have our weekly intern grill/cookout session.
           When we got back at about 1:15pm-ish Liz and I decided to take another stab at the dongle/BeGaze issue. 45 minutes later it still didn't work so we learned some more java from Dennis while waiting for Jeff and Karen to show up. At 2:30 some kids from a camp at RIT came into our lab escorted by Bethany Choate. We explained to them what we do in the lab and showed them the two different types of eye trackers. We had one of the visiting kids put on the mobile eye tracker and walk around with it on. Then we put it into Yarbus for them and showed them the finished video. They seemed mildly interested which was all we could ask for. After they left Liz and I tried every method possible to get the rendered video over to Bethany. It took a while because my USB was being dumb and it didn't help that the movie was quite big. Now I'm blogging because I have to leave at 4:30.

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