Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26: Some fun stuff

          This morning Liz and I once again helped Melanie clean the "back room". Instead of wrapping cords we went through all these old papers in a box. Some of the interesting things we found in there was $16 in cash, a picture of Jeff with some hair, and a newspaper clipping of step-by-step instructions on how to ballroom dance! We also found an article from 1970 just hanging out with all the other papers in the box :) After cleaning out the box of papers, Jeff taught Liz and I how to solder. It's fun and of course I messed up! But Jeff showed me how to fix it, so no worries!
          After soldering Liz and I decided to go to the free picnic lunch for all the undergrads. We got there an hour late so of course all the food was gone! Instead I got some food from Java's and Liz had the lunch that she brought accidentally which turned out to be quite handy. When we got back Liz and I started Yarbusing the driving videos again! Then it was time to go homeee :) <3

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