Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 20: Sleepy

          LIZ IS BACK :) Clearly she's the one who typed that........ Anyways, now that we've established that she's back, I can tell all you avid readers how my day was. The morning was slow. Both of us were really tired, so it was hard to concentrate. Nevertheless, we persevered because we are champs. We had our daily morning meeting in which Joe spoke about our end of the summer presentations. Liz and I are just so efficient that we already have most of our slides done. Then, being the nice person I am, decided to leave one Yarbus video for Liz to suffer through. She seems to think that it wasn't bad, but clearly she's delusional. ;) While she Yarbus'ed I attempted to read Karens article.
          Then the two of us decided to go to the Kids Lab and use the SMI machine to analyze some data. We were zoning out a bit so we got coffee and some food. It was a nice little break. Afterwards we continued to work oh so diligently. At noon Liz and I parted ways because she went to lunch with her father. 
           At 2 everyone in the lab besides Dennis went to our weekly lab meeting. It was quite educational, but we were just so sleepy. Now I'm blogging.
I want a cupcake.

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