Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 21: Productivity? Of course!

          This morning Liz and I changed our powerpoint to reflect the ideas of presentation zen. It took forever, but now our powerpoint is AWESOME. Although, that shouldn't surprise anyone because we're AWESOME people so everything we do is naturally going to be AWESOME. While making the AWESOME powerpoint this person asked us to be a part of his experiment. So I left for about 5 minutes and did that. And then Liz did it. Afterwards we went to free lunch and watched this British guy talk about something. Everything is so much more interesting when someone has a British accent <3
         After lunch we were supposed to go to the Kids Lab and use the SMI but some lady was in there....we had it reserved. Jeff showed us that we could use one of the computer in our lab and still be able to analyze our data from the SMI machine. He also informed us that we had to use the DONGLE (coolest word ever right?) to get permission to download the software. While that was happening we were told by the same guy who ran an experiment on us that we had to put fliers up all around campus. That was a nice break because we are so used to staring at a computer all day, everyday. Now I'm blogging again. Oh I still have the DONGLE and I don't know what to do with it.

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